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Modern Award Changes March 2020 Time Sheets For All Employees

Are You Recording Working Hours Accurately

March 1st 2020 marks the day that most employers will need to accurately record all employees working time.

many employment contracts will need to be updated to refelct the changes in Annual Salary rules.

Record your employees' working hours with a mobile GPS Location enabled time sheet solution.

The NUhRTURE Mobile Time & Attendance App compliments the Punch In Out features in our time sheet solutions.

Employees can also simply use their mobile device to punch in and out and log their hours.

The geo-location is stamped too, so you know where the employee punched in or punched out along with the date and time.

A Project Code with an Activity can also be logged against the Punch In or Punch Out.

Gain greater visibility over your workforce, and provide a simple and easy to use way for employees to record their time.

More about our Time and Attendance Solutions here.

Example Screenshot From the Time Management App

Example Screenshot Punched In - Showing Current Location

Example Screenshot In-App Report Creator

You can download the FREE Punch In Out App from both Apple IOS iTunes and Google Play Stores

Punch In Punch Out App On iTunes Store Punch In Punch Out App On Google Play Store

Time App 3rd Party Connection Information

The Time App maybe used by 3rd Parties to send data to their sever.
This is optional.
The Time App will work stand alone (no server connection needed) as a personal time recorder.

NOTE: The Punch In Out Time App allows user to send time sheet information via email, or, via a service call to your php based server.

Your server should be running Secure Sockets Layer SSL (https) and requires the following named files:
<root>/users/login2.php- authenticates the call
'username' e.g. 'fred@emailaddress.com'
'password' e.g. 'hgHG%^33A'
<root>/users/insert.php- passes the time data for each punch-in punch-out
'activity_date' e.g. '2018-01-23 18:30'
'activity_location' e.g. '-38.153700000:145.123020000'
'activity_type' e.g. 'P1001::Project 01'
'action_type' e.g. 'A1001::Travel'
'notes' e.g. 'Arrived late!'
<root>/users/projects.php- adds additional Project Codes
Returns Array:
<root>/users/activities.php- add additional Activity Codes
Returns Array:
App Settings Screen - Set your connection data

URL - To point to your server

Please contact us for more details on connecting this App to your preferred php server.

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